Our golden generation deserves a stadium at its level

The Belgian FA and the Memorial are joining forces to do everything possible to ensure that this generation of top sportsmen and extraordinary supporters receive what they are entitled to: a modern sports arena. It is high time to act so that our national pride can have a state-of-the-art stadium to shine even more beautifully at home.

This new stadium, which will be named “Golden Generation Arena” in reference to our golden generation of sportsmen and women, should be the official stadium for our Belgian Red Devils, the Memorial, and should host international football and athletics competitions and concerts.

A realistic project, a broad support

The King Baudouin Stadium is a stadium with a rich past, but it no longer meets modern requirements at any level. We want to reconnect with our rich past and be proud of our new sports arena, whose images will travel around the world.

For the construction of the Golden Generation Arena, we advance a complete renovation of the King Baudouin Stadium. We're not going to change anything about the location of the new stadium; we just want a modern sports arena in the same place as now.

In addition, the capacity of this new infrastructure will be reduced to 40,000, which will benefit the mobility and viability of this project.

The construction of the Golden Generation Arena is therefore an investment for which there is massive support, whether from supporters, our athletes, UEFA or the International Association of Athletics Federations. This project is also supported by a broad political consensus. As far as financing is concerned (budget between €150 million and €200 million), the initiators rely on public resources.

We want to show that it is still possible to carry out major public projects in our country.

Competition for universities

The Golden Generation Arena will be the new icon of top-level sport in Belgium. It will have to be a multifunctional arena, offering the greatest possible comfort for athletes and supporters, as well as innovation and sustainability.

For the design of this modern facility, which will have a football field and an athletics track, we want to involve young talents and that is why we will launch a competition with the various Belgian universities (faculties of architecture and engineering).

As soon as the projects have reached us, a jury composed of Belgian Red Devils, top athletes, representatives of the Belgian FA and the Memorial, members from 1895 as well as actors from the City of Brussels and the authorities will examine the different concepts.

Work starts tomorrow

Our golden generation will not remain eternally young and still wants to write its history in an arena dedicated to it. The Golden Generation Arena will be the magnificent new sports arena that our top footballers, top athletes and top supporters have been waiting for for so long. We will get to work tomorrow.

Peter Bossaert, CEO of the Belgian FA : “We are fortunate to have a golden generation of athletes and supporters at this time, and we must take advantage of this unique opportunity to build an infrastructure that is commensurate with their performances. We want to prove that our country can still carry out ambitious projects. I am confident that by joining forces, we will succeed in getting the Golden Generation Arena ready by 2022!”

Bob Verbeeck, CEO of Golazo : “For us, as the organizer of the Memorial, this is a first step in the right direction. It is really important that football and athletics come together to support this new stadium. In this way, we can honour Brussels in memory of Ivo Van Damme and our generation of top athletes and top footballers. Now, we want to quickly launch the necessary next steps and enter into negotiations with all parties. This is the right time as from 2020 we will continue to play an important role in the Diamond League's innovative new formula.”